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Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 Mock Draft

Here is my 2012 NBA Mock Draft. One of the things I did in preparation for this was calculate every prospect's efficiency using the formula on I will display their efficiency rating next to the players name. Here we go!!!

#1 New Orleans Hornets- Kentucky PF/C Anthony Davis (+26.125 Efficiency rating):
Pretty obvious choice here. Anthony Davis has the best efficiency rating of all players entering the draft, which is no surprise since he is the consensus #1 pick. Anthony Davis is said to be the only "franchise changing player" in this entire draft. The rest of the players are supposed to be at best solid, but Davis is said to be in a league of his own. He's long, athletic, and blocks shots at a ridiculous rate. Once he gets some legitimate low post moves, this kid is gonna be scary in the NBA.
#2 Charlotte Bobcats- Kansas PF Thomas Robinson ( +22.23 Efficiency rating): 
The Bobcats have a lot of different options to go with, but I see them taking Thomas Robinson. He's a very solid big man standing at 6'9 and weighing 244. I was deliberating over whether or not the Bobcats would draft Andre Drummond #2, but the reason I think they won't is they want to get a guy who's  more ready right away to make a difference in the pros and isn't a "project". Plus, being a Junior, he's more mature than Freshman, etc. His offense needs work, but like all big men, his size and athleticism is what makes him so attractive. Also, among prospects, his efficiency rating ranks pretty high.
3. Washington Wizards-Kentucky SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (+15.55 Efficiency rating):
 Many feel like MKG is the #2 player in the draft, but you can't teach height! Hence he falls down to #3. The Wizards could use a good swingman to go with John Wall at point and Nene down low. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist really makes perfect sense at this pick for them.
#4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Florida SG Bradley Beal (+16.84 Efficiency rating): 
Bradley Beal fits perfectly with what the Cleveland Cavaliers want and need, which is a player in the backcourt to accompany Kyrie Irving. Beal is supposed to be one of the most gifted scorers in this draft, and he should make Cleveland's offense much more potent.
#5. Sacramento Kings- Weber State PG Damian Lillard (+23.375 Efficiency rating):
Let's face it, the Kings don't like Jimmer Fredette. The team seemed to freeze  him out and not want him on the court. When he was on the court, they seemed to ignore him. Little Isaiah Thomas was doing well enough to sit Jimmer, but long term he's not a viable solution to the "get Jimmer out of town" campaign. What better way to get Jimmer on his way out than to draft an even more talented young point guard from the state of Utah? The Kings still need a point guard, and drafting Lillard will fill the need and also give them reason to deal Jimmer. Look for the Kings to take Lillard #5.
#6. Portland Trail Blazers-Duke SG Austin Rivers (+11.088 Efficiency rating): 
Surprisingly to me, Rivers efficiency rating was pretty weak, but keep in mind he's a freshman. His offensive upside and overall potential will get him drafted higher than he probably should. If you ask me, he should be a mid to late first round pick. But he's gonna get picked high, and I see Portland picking him to fill the void of Brandon Roy. Plus, they've had bad luck drafting big men over the years!
#7. Golden State Warriors- UCONN PF/C Andre Drummond (+14.21 Efficiency rating): 
Drummond had a weak season at UCONN, but many feel he has the highest potential ceiling of any player in this draft aside from Anthony Davis. The Warriors are trying to move away from small ball, and they have Andrew Bogut in place to help show Drummond the ropes down low.
#8. Toronto Raptors- North Carolina PF John Henson (+19.31 Efficiency rating): 
The Raptors have a solid Center down low in Andrea Bargnani, but they could always use another big guy down there to help Bargnani out. Plus, this guy is a good athletic shot blocker, who'll provide solid interior defense down low. Something Toronto desperately needs.
#9. Detroit Pistons- North Carolina SF Harrison Barnes (+13.76 Efficency rating):
Tayshaun Prince is retiring soon, and they need a small forward to fill his spot. Plus, Prince would be a perfect mentor to Barnes and would really help him grow. Barnes would be an ideal player to go to the motor city. A combo of Brandon Knight and Harrison Barnes could be pretty good in a couple of years.
#10. New Orleans Hornets- North Carolina C Tyler Zeller (+21.58 Efficiency rating): 
The Hornets will already have a defensive fiend down low in Davis. So why not couple him down low with a guy who is his exact opposite. Zeller is a fantastic offensive player, who shoots around 80% from the foul line. He lacks good post defense, but having Davis down low would mask that. Look for the front court to get a lot bigger and better in the Big Easy.
#11. Portland Trail Blazers- North Carolina PG Kendall Marshall (+15.056 Efficiency rating): 
Marshall needs to improve on his scoring abilities, but he's a great facilitator and he'd be the perfect guy to distribute the ball to the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, and Wes Matthews.
#12. Houston Rockets- Washington SG/SF Terrence Ross (+16.542 Efficiency rating): 
Look, we all know the Rockets are stacking picks to get Dwight Howard. But if they keep this pick or trade it, look for Terrence Ross to get picked up about here. He's pretty offensively polished, and seems to have a lot of potential. The Cavs reportedly like him a lot, and he could get picked higher than #12. But this seems to be probably the earliest he'd be taken.
#13. Phoenix Suns- St. Bonaventure PF/C Andrew Nicholson (+21.718 Efficiency rating): 
 He played at a small school, but like Damien Lillard, he's got the game to back it up. The only knock on him is his lack of strength, but he's got a very good offensive game, and a nice shot. All Phoenix has down low are bangers who can't hit the broad side of barn (i.e. Robin Lopez). Nicholson's offensive abilities down low seem to be exactly what the doctor ordered down in the valley of the sun.
#14. Milwaukee Bucks- Illinois C Meyers Leonard (+18.469 Efficiency rating): 
The reports I've read on him say he's got a good offensive game but just needs to continue to improve his all around play. Here's the deal, the Bucks dealt Andrew Bogut for Monta Ellis because they were tired of Bogut always being hurt and they thought Ellis could provide their backcourt with a nice punch.  I don't think anybody including the Bucks knows what to make of Epkeh Udoh, who still needs to develop a better interior post game offensively. Leonard has a better offensive game than Udoh does, and can potentially replace the production of Bogut down low. Leonard is a perfect fit for Milwaukee who needs somebody good down low to help create a more balanced offensive attack. Ellis and Jennings is a nice backcourt, but the need a legitimate down low threat.
#15 Philadelphia 76ers- Mississippi State PF Arnett Moultrie (+21.100 Efficiency rating): 
Spencer Hawes may not be returning to Philly, and Arnett Moultrie could maybe make the departure of Hawes easier. The Sixers got plenty of young legs to run up and down the court. What they need is a big body to crash the boards and score down low.
#16.  Houston Rockets-UCONN SG Jeremy Lamb (Efficiency rating +16.53): 
Good chance Lamb falls a bit if Portland doesn't take him #6. This draft is deep enough that teams will likely draft more need than who is best overall. Good player, that will be a great addition wherever he goes. But he's got nice offensive abilities, and could be a particularily good piece of trade bait for Houston to use should they try and deal for Dwight Howard.
#17. Dallas Mavericks- Baylor SF/PF Perry Jones (Efficiency rating +15.70):
He's valued high by some due to this athleticism. A good stable organization like Dallas would be a nice landing spot because he wouldn't be expected to come in and make an immediate impact right away.
#18. Houston Rockets- Kentucky PG Marquis Teague (Effiecency Rating+ 11.450): 
If the Rockets do decide and move Lowry in a deal, and keep the #18 pick, Marquis Teague could be a nice option to fill Lowry's spot. He needs to cut down on turnovers, and become much more efficient on the court.
#19. Orlando Magic-Kentucky SG Doron Lamb (Efficiency rating +13.150): 
Doron Lamb is probably a good fit down in Orlando. They need to start building for the future, and a good solid young SG like Lamb would be a nice way to start.  He can put the ball in the hole no question, and with Jameer Nelson handling the point, he can just focus on scoring.
#20. Denver Nuggets-Syracuse SG Dion Waiters (Efficiency rating +12.324): 
Hard to know where Waiters goes, but if he's available at #20, Denver will likely take him. He'd be a nice addition to their already deep bench. The only realy knock on him is he needs to learn to adjust to being a SG full time, but George Karl should help him out in that department.
#21. Boston Celtics-Indiana State SF Royce White (Efficiency rating +18.47): 
White seems to be the real wild card prospect in this draft. Nobody knows how good he's really going to be. Look for Boston to take a gamble on White. Once you get to this point in the draft, "gamble" on a guy like White isn't such a gamble.
#22. Boston Celtics- Ohio State PF/C Jared Sullinger (Efficiency rating +21.08): 
Sullinger's back problems is the only reason he'll be available at this point in the draft. But if healthy, he's a promising a young big man with lottery type potential. Kevin Garnett could be on the move, and Boston might take a gamble on Sullinger if they really like what they see.
#23.  Atlanta Hawks-Syracuse C Fab Melo (Efficiency rating +13.10): 
I personally feel that the Hawks are one good big man away from being a real title threat. Maybe Fab Melo isn't the answer, but he'd clog the middle and make things tougher for guys like LeBron and Wade coming through the middle.
#24. Cleveland Cavaliers-Kentucky SF/PF Terrence Jones (Efficiency rating +16.079): 
He's an explosive young player who can score the ball and he has a ton of potential. He's also a good all around player that seems to be another good weapon for a young team like Cleveland to have.
#25. Memphis Grizzlies- Michigan State SF/PF Draymond Green (Efficiency rating +21.75): 
For a player likely picked in the late 1st to early second round, his efficiency rating is quite impressive. The knock on him is he doesn't shine in one area, but then the positive spin on him says he does a little bit of everything. Memphis could use a guy like him that helps them do a little bit of everything. Something Shane Battier used to do for them.
#26. Indiana Pacers- Washington PG/SG Tony Wroten (Efficiency rating +12.94): 
He's 6'6 and is listed as a point guard. I've read he attacks the glass well, handles the ball well, and passes well/facilitates quite well. Sounds like a nice addition to Indy, and a lot of teams.
#27. Miami Heat-Vanderbilt C Festus Ezeli (Efficiency rating + 11.46): 
If there's one thing Miami needs, it's more size in the paint. Ezeli is a big boy standing at 6'11 and weighing 264 lbs. He needs to improve his offensive abilities, but in Miami, they won't need him to score, they'll just need him to attack the glass and play solid post defense. Miami should feel fairly confident he can do that.
#28. Oklahoma City Thunder- St. John's SF/PF Moe Harkless (Efficiency rating +17.118): 
Good chance he's off the board at #28, but he'd be a nice fit in OKC. Another young athletic scorer that  has a ton of upside. He'd make the Thunder younger, quicker, and more explosive.
#29. Chicago Bulls- Vanderbilty SF Jeffery Taylor (Efficiency rating +15.22): 
He gets good marks on his defensive abilities and we all know coach Thibs loves defense. He'd fit right in Chicago and give their bench another layer of depth.
#30. Golden State Warriors- Baylor SF Quincy Miller (Efficiency rating + 11.32): 
He is said to be one of the more skilled players in this draft who can score well, and create his own shot. Not to mention he's a long lengthy dude. The concern with him is he had ACL surgery, and his lack of explosiveness will concern enough teams to have him drop into the late 1st /early 2nd round. But he does show promise, and he'd be worth picking up for Golden State at the #30 pick.

 (thanks to for providing me with additional analysis and insight into all these prospects).