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Monday, August 27, 2012

Stan Van Gundy Thinks D-Rose May Bolt The Windy City: Sour Grapes Or Is He On To Something?

Stan Van Gundy has come out and spoken his mind on the future of Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, stating something to the effect that it is likely Rose bolts the Windy City unless he gets another superstar to come join him.  It's easy to call his words merely sour grapes after the fallout of the Dwight Howard saga; but it can't be ignored that many superstars are joining forces in order to "keep up with the jones'" of the NBA.  Carlos Boozer certainly hasn't delivered the goods, and Luol Deng is a "B-level" all star. Derrick Rose is clearly the best player on the team and the team only can go as far as his shoulders can carry them. A better sidekick for Derrick Rose definitely seems to be a necessity for Chicago if they want to compete for a title.       One thing that is in the Bulls' favor is the fact that they are located in one of the 5 biggest markets in the NBA. A move to LA, Boston, Miami, and New York seems highly unlikely for Derrick Rose.  No other destination out there seems to make sense for Derrick to choose over Chicago, which is why he likely stays. But if Chicago wants to firmly lock up Rose for the long term,   they'll want to find a player other than Boozer and Deng that can help him lead the Bulls to a championship. Otherwise, Stan Van Gundy's words may come to fruition. 

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