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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 NBA Mock Draft: Rounds 1 & 2

     The wait is finally over! My two round mock draft for the 2015 NBA Draft has finally arrived! I want to give a special shout out to and for helping me with my mock draft. Without's amazing database of players, notes, and analysis on prospects, my mock draft wouldn't be what it is. Without the amazing YouTube videos by, which break down the strengths and weaknesses of nearly every prospect, I wouldn't have known the prospects nearly as well. After reading my mock draft, please check out the mock drafts on both websites and also make them your go-to destinations for everything NBA Draft related!

     Before I dive straight into my mock draft, I would like to explain how I am making my predictions. I am making my predictions using the following criteria: Best player available, team needs, what I think the team should do with the pick, and what I think the team will likely do with the pick. There is no weight or scale to which I give each of these areas of criteria. They are merely four factors that I consider before I make my prediction for the draft selection. 

     Also, it should be noted that my mock draft will not factor in trades which could of course shake up the entire draft. Doing so would be maddening and turn my mock draft into a frenzied guessing game with no rhyme or reason to it whatsoever. But all the same, do keep in mind that there will be trades. They are just as much apart of the draft process as anything else. But unfortunately for those of us creating mock drafts, it is tricky to factor them into the equation. And now, without further intro, here is my mock draft! Enjoy! 


#1. Minnesota Timberwolves---Kentucky freshman center Karl-Anthony Towns (7-0, 250 lbs): Karl-Anthony Towns is undoubtedly the most talented prospect in this entire draft. He has great size for an NBA center, sporting a 7'3.5" wingspan, which makes up for the fact that he isn't the most explosive leaper. He moves really well on the floor and can do a wide array of things from an offensive standpoint. 

     He can knock down a shot from anywhere on the court to stretch the defense, grab an offensive rebound for a put back, and knock down his free throws. In addition, he is a solid passer. As for his defensive abilities, he isn't the most athletic guy, but his length is fantastic and he was able to block 2.3 shots per game during his freshman season. 

     Towns seems to be a guy who can do it all. He can score, he can rebound, he can block shots, and he isn't a liability at the foul line (81.7% foul shooter). Out of all the players in this draft, he seems to be the most sure thing in terms of turning into a fine NBA player. I don't see any way the Timberwolves pass on him. Especially since reports say they have already told him he's going #1. 

#2. Los Angeles Lakers---Duke freshman center Jahlil Okafor (6-11, 270 lbs): The Los Angeles Lakers would be very foolish to pass on Jahlil Okafor given his physical tools and abilities. The difference between Okafor and Towns is that Okafor is a more traditional big man. He's more physical, tough, and strong down on the block, but he lacks the offensive versatility that Towns possesses. 

     If one were to pick Okafor over Towns it would be because of his defense and rebounding. Okafor is bigger, stronger, and has an even more impressive wingspan (7'5"). There really is no concern about him getting bossed around in the paint by NBA big men. He seems to have the physical body to successfully battle down low with anybody in the NBA. He should have no problem grabbing rebounds and blocking shots from day one. 

     While Towns is the more offensively talented player, Okafor was actually the more efficient of the two, posting a +20.526 NBA efficiency rating to Towns' +15.84. While it is nice that Towns has more of the offensive pieces and versatility, it needs to be understood that big men are primarily supposed to battle down low, get rebounds, and block shots. Okafor does those things better, which means that the Lakers really shouldn't feel all that bad should they get Okafor instead of Towns. 

#3. Philadelphia 76ers---Latvian center Kristaps Porzingis (7-1, 220 lbs): If the Philadelphia 76ers are going to remain consistent with their "Go big or go home" draft philosophy, they will draft Kristaps Porzingis. He is promising big man with a ton of upside due to his athleticism, length, and mobility. He runs the floor really well and loves to crash the offensive glass. Like Karl-Anthony Towns, he has the potential to be a versatile offensive threat and has shown the capability to score the ball from beyond the arc. 

     He needs to improve his all around polish and become more refined, but that should be expected given that he is still growing into his body and is only 19 years of age. If there is anybody in the NBA past or present who I can compare him to, it is a bigger version of Andrei Kirilenko. Like Kirilenko, he has a high motor, has great length, and has tremendous offensive upside. If he lives up to his potential, he could be the best player in this entire draft. 

     The only reason the 76ers would pass on him is if they feel that somebody else had more potential than him. That is certainly possible, but unlikely. The other guys who the 76ers would consider ahead of Porzingis simply don't have the same upside and potential that he has. So, unless the 76ers decide to change their entire drafting philosophy, they will roll with the big man from Latvia. Note: Click here to view a great article about the 76ers' drafting philosophy. 

#4. New York Knicks---Ohio State freshman point guard D'Angelo Russell (6-4, 195 lbs): D'Angelo Russell is rated the best point guard in the draft, edging out Emmanuel Mudiay. Russell has great size for a point guard and is able to both score and distribute the basketball to his teammates, averaging 19.3 points per game and 5.0 assists last season. He also has tremendous upside on defense, getting 1.6 steals per game and has the size and length to become an effective defender in the NBA. 

     Probably his biggest strength is his ability to be effective in the pick and roll due to his size, ball handling, passing, and scoring. Out of the pick and roll, he can do a wide variety of things really well. He can attack the basket, find the roll man cutting to the basket, or he can pull up for a jump shot. 

     It's not entirely clear how well he fits with the triangle offense since the triangle traditionally doesn't feature dynamic point guards. But all the same, he has the size to play the shooting guard position if needed and ball movement is vital to any offensive scheme. Unless Phil Jackson has some crazy plan that we are unaware of, I see the Knicks taking D'Angelo Russell. 

#5. Orlando Magic---Duke freshman shooting guard Justise Winslow (6-6, 222 lbs): Justise Winslow is a dynamic swingman who plays really well on both ends of the floor. He has great size, strength, and length for his position, and should be able to make an impact right away with his defense. The Orlando Magic already have two point guards with Victor Oladipo and Elfrid Payton, so it would be very odd of them to draft Emmanuel Mudiay unless they make a trade. 

     Assuming they want to keep Oladipo and Payton, Justise Winslow makes the most sense for the Magic to draft. He can play the small forward position alongside both guards and instantly be inserted into the starting lineup. He would give them a fantastic defender on the perimeter and also a swingman who can score the basketball (12.6 points per game and 41.8% from three-point range last season). 

     One thing I did consider was how he would fit with Aaron Gordon, but I don't think that should be a concern. For one thing, it isn't at all clear that Aaron Gordon will pan out, and secondly, Gordon can slide over to the power forward position. If Gordon can live up to his potential, the Magic could really be cooking with gas defensively since Gordon was also praised for his high motor and intensity on defense coming out of Arizona. 

#6. Sacramento Kings---Guangdong point guard Emmanuel Mudiay (6-5, 200 lbs): The Sacramento Kings could go several directions with this pick, but if Emmanuel Mudiay is still available, I don't see any reason to think the Kings will pass on him. He is the best player available at this stage of the draft and he also plays a position that the Kings could use an upgrade at. 

     Like D'Angelo Russell, he has great physical tools for a point guard and is able to see over defenses to make plays for others. He thrives in transition and also plays really well in the pick and roll. His size and length (6'8.5" wingspan) should make him a fantastic player on defense as well as a really good rebounder (6.25 rebounds per game in China). 

     Probably the only concern for him is that he played in China as opposed to Division 1 for his year after high school. The fact that he went this route makes him somewhat of an enigma to teams, but the Chinese Basketball Association is one of the best professional leagues overseas. He played very well over there and appears ready to make the jump to the NBA. 

     In short, there really isn't anything he should struggle with as a point guard. He can score, facilitate, defend, and rebound to go along with his great size. In many ways, it would be a surprise to see him fall to #6, but all the same, the guys ahead of him are fantastic prospects as well. The Kings should consider themselves lucky to be picking this high because no matter who they pick, they'll be getting somebody good. 

#7. Denver Nuggets---Arizona freshman small forward Stanley Johnson (6-6, 242 lbs): Stanley Johnson has all the tools to be an elite small forward in the NBA. He has great size, strength, and mobility to go along with an ability to score the basketball (13.8 points per game, 44.6 FG%, and 37.1 3-point %). He sports a 6'11" wingspan and is really quick for his size. He should be an excellent perimeter defender in the NBA and make plays in transition since he excels at finishing through contact. 

     To be honest, I don't see much of a difference between him and Justise Winslow. Like Winslow, he is an explosive athlete who should be a great two-way player at the small forward position. The only reason why Winslow gets the nod is that Winslow was a better shooter from three-point range. 

#8. Detroit Pistons---Murray State sophomore point guard Cameron Payne (6-2, 185 lbs): There has been some talk of the Pistons trading Brandon Jennings, which would mean that they would be in search of a point guard. Cameron Payne will definitely be available at #8 and could be the guy to replace Brandon Jennings. Payne is a really good scorer (20.2 points per game) and had an impressive +20.4285714 NBA efficiency rating due to his great foul shooting (78.7 FT%) and assist-to-turnover ratio (2.4-1). 

     Payne seems to have the potential to be a really good point guard in the NBA. The only concern for him is his size and the lack of competition he faced at Murray State. His size forced him to shoot more floaters than he can get away with in the NBA and there are questions about his ability to finish through contact and length at the NBA level.

     But at this point in the draft, you need to be less picky and there is a lot to be excited about with Cameron Payne. His scoring ability is really a plus and he has shown NBA-range in his shooting. If the Pistons want to draft a guy who can play well in the pick and roll with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, they'll roll with Cameron Payne. 

#9. Charlotte Hornets---FC Barcelona small forward Mario Hezonja (6-8, 215 lbs): Mario Hezonja is a terrific talent with a great NBA build. He can shoot the ball, slash to the rim, and has great defensive upside because of his athleticism and body frame. He is very quick and explosive as he dunks the basketball and seems to get up with ease. He certainly will be a great NBA dunk contest candidate! His three-point percentage was solid last season (39.1%) and he shot a good percentage from the foul line (76.7%). 

     The only real concern with him is his attitude. He wasn't always willing to listen to his teammates and he has a big ego. It's unclear how well of a "team player" he can be since he doesn't project to be a first-option player in the NBA. But assuming he is able to mature and learn to be more open, he should be a great fit in Charlotte. 

#10. Miami Heat---Kentucky freshman power forward Trey Lyles (6-10, 240 lbs): Trey Lyles is the first projected lottery pick who doesn't project to be a great two-way player. Offensively, he has a lot of great tools to work with, but defensively there are some question marks. He scores the ball well, passes the ball well, and also showed the humility to be a role player at Kentucky. 

     He was willing to grab rebounds, do the dirty work, and let the offense come to him. One of his big strengths is that he moves well on offense and has great footwork. He could very well become a solid offensive player in the post with some more seasoning. 

He doesn't project to be a very good defender in the NBA since his lateral quickness isn't all that good. He also doesn't do a great job at preventing guys from getting position in the paint. But while those things are all concerns, his offensive upside makes him worth the risk. Especially since he can learn from Chris Bosh, one of the most offensively talented big men we have ever seen. To give you a better sense of what kind of player he could become, compares him to Carlos Boozer. 

#11. Indiana Pacers---Texas freshman center Myles Turner (6-11, 240 lbs): Myles Turner has great size and length for an NBA big, sporting a 7'4" wingspan. He rebounds really well (6.5 rebounds per game) and blocks shots really well (2.6 blocks per game). He could be a nice replacement for Roy Hibbert in the event that the Pacers decide to part ways with him. He needs to improve his offensive polish, but he has a nice stroke and the pieces are there for him to be effective on offense as well (83.9% foul shooter). A lot of teams are interested in him, so don't be surprised if some team trades up to get him. 

#12. Utah Jazz---Wisconsin junior small forward Sam Decker (6-9, 220 lbs): The Utah Jazz don't really need anything. They have a point guard, they have a shooting guard, they have a small forward, they have a power forward, and they have a center. With that in mind, I see them taking Sam Decker because of his versatility to play a number of different positions as well as his versatility on both offense and defense.

     Decker averaged 13.9 points per game last season and shot 33.1% from three-point range, which isn't bad for a guy of his size. He is really good in transition due to his mobility and athleticism and can also shoot well off the dribble. He can do a lot of things well and be a nice role player for the Utah Jazz in the event that he doesn't quite live up to expectations. 

#13. Phoenix Suns---Kentucky junior center Willie Cauley-Stein (7-0, 242 lbs): Willie Cauley-Stein is a player who is the exact opposite of his teammate Trey Lyles. He has terrific defensive potential, but offensively he is quite limited. He averaged 1.7 blocks per game last season, but in his sophomore season he averaged 2.9 blocks per game. His potential to be an elite shot blocker (7'2" wingspan) makes him an intriguing prospect, but his lack of offensive polish after three seasons at Kentucky is why he isn't going to be a top-ten pick. 

     However, Phoenix could use his defense. They have plenty of guys who can score, but they simply lack a defensive presence inside. If Alex Len can continue to mature, they could have a nice front court that is able to collectively score the ball, rebound, and block shots. 

#14. Oklahoma City Thunder---Kentucky freshman shooting guard Devin Booker (6-6, 205 lbs): Devin Booker's main strengths are his shooting, size, and age. He uses his size well to shoot over defenders and can shoot well off the bounce as well as in catch and shoot situations (41.1% from 3-point range). Due to his size, he should be able to develop into a solid defender as well. As for his age, he doesn't turn 19 until October 30, so he is one of the youngest players in this entire draft. 

     The Thunder will certainly be getting a kid who can help them out for a very long time. He does have issues finishing at the rim and creating his own offense, but playing alongside Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant should help him a ton as both of those guys do a great job creating easy looks for others. 

#15. Atlanta Hawks--- Notre Dame senior point guard Jerian Grant (6-4, 200 lbs): During his senior season at Notre Dame, Jerian Grant had a knack for making big plays in key moments. He averaged 16.5 points per game and was more than comfortable being the go-to guy in the clutch. The Atlanta Hawks could use another guy with a killer instinct in tight situations and that is exactly what Jerian Grant can bring to the table. He is a capable point guard who can also slide over to the shooting guard position if needed. It's unclear how he would fit with Jeff Teague and Dennis Schröder, but I think they could find a use for him. 

#16. Boston Celtics---Kansas freshman small forward Kelly Oubre (6-7, 205 lbs): Kelly Oubre is a talented swingman with a lot of upside due to his athleticism. He has great physical tools for his position and if he develops a more consistent offensive game, he could be scary. At this point in the draft, you want to look for diamonds in the rough and Kelly Oubre could be one of them. 

#17. Milwaukee Bucks---Arkansas sophomore power forward Bobby Portis (6-11, 245 lbs): With Larry Sanders gone, the Bucks could use another talented big man. Bobby Portis would be a perfect guy to fill that need because of his physical package, offensive abilities, and energy. He blocked a solid amount of shots last season (1.4 blocks per game) and he also rebounded the ball really well (8.9 rebounds per game). Lastly, he showed a capability to knock down the three ball (46.7%). His only weaknesses are his lack of really good post moves and explosiveness. He isn't the best defensive rebounder, but I think he can improve on that. All in all, he could wind up being a steal in the draft. 

#18. Houston Rockets---Louisville junior power forward Montrezl Harrell (6-8, 255 lbs): Montrezl Harrell has a terrific motor and rebounds the ball really well for a guy of his size. He is a very good athlete who can catch lobs in transition for easy dunks due to his ability to run the floor. He lacks offensive polish and there are question marks surrounding his overall upside. But the Rockets have plenty of guys who can score and they could use another scrappy big guy to grab rebounds and clean up the glass on offense. Dwight Howard can't do it all on his own. 

#19. Washington Wizards---UNVL freshman center Christian Wood (6-10, 215 lbs): If you are looking to hit a home run late in the first round of the draft, Christian Wood is your best option. He has great size and has a solid 7'2" wingspan. He averaged 15.2 points per game, 10.0 rebounds, and 2.7 blocks per game last season. His NBA efficiency rating was an impressive +20.6363 and he has the tools to be a really good big man in years to come. I saw him play live against San Jose State University and I was impressed with what I saw. Playing behind Nene and Marcin Gortat could do wonders for his game. 

#20. Toronto Raptors---Wisconsin senior center Frank Kaminsky (7-1, 230 lbs): Frank Kaminsky is one of the best players in this entire draft (+23.51 NBA efficiency). What brings him down is that he is one of the older players in the draft and there are questions about his upside. But I think those questions overshadow just how good he is. He moves well for his size, has tremendous offensive versatility, and has a great feel for the game which one would expect from a senior. If the Raptors are looking to add a solid player to help them compete for an Eastern Conference championship, Frank Kaminsky would be a terrific addition to their squad. 

#21. Dallas Mavericks---Louisville sophomore point guard Terry Rozier (6-2, 190 lbs): If Monta Ellis is indeed leaving the team, Terry Rozier would be a nice pick up for the Mavericks since he scores the ball really well (17.1 points per game), hits the three ball, and is a capable defender (2.0 steals per game). He is a bit undersized for even the point guard position, but he displays potential to adapt to the point guard role permanently. The Mavericks could go a lot of different directions here. It'll certainly be interesting to see what they do. 

#22. Chicago Bulls---Virginia  junior small forward Justin Anderson (6-6, 230 lbs): Justin Anderson is basically a B grade version of Justise Winslow and Stanley Johnson. He has a great physical profile, upside on defense, and the potential to become an effective scorer. He just hasn't been as consistent as those guys. But if he can be more consistent and improve his feel for the game, he could be a steal in the draft. Also, he is fairly versatile due to his size, so the Bulls could use him in a number of different ways. 

#23. Portland Trail Blazers---Utah senior point guard Delon Wright (6-5, 180 lbs):  You might be wondering why I have the Trail Blazers selecting a point guard when they already have Damian Lillard. The reason is because Delon Wright has the versatility to play the shooting guard position and is also a more prototypical point guard, who averaged 6.1 assists per game last season. He uses his size to see over defenders and he is good at distributing the ball. He can certainly help create more "flow" to the Trail Blazers' offense. 

#24. Cleveland Cavaliers---Casajol Sevilla center Guillermo Hernangomez (6-11, 250 lbs): I'm not sure if the Cavaliers want to pay a guaranteed contract to a rookie this season, so I have them taking Guillermo Hernangomez, a center from Spain who may not come over for a couple of seasons. He has a lot of potential and could be useful in a couple of seasons. 

#25. Memphis Grizzlies---Georgia State junior shooting guard R.J. Hunter (6-6, 185 lbs): The Grizzlies need more guys who can shoot the ball from beyond the arc and that is exactly what R.J. Hunter does so well. He also has good physical tools and the ability to pass the ball, so he can do other things besides hoist threes. 

#26. San Antonio Spurs---Duke freshman point guard Tyus Jones (6-1, 185 lbs): Tyus Jones is a very talented point guard who plays the point guard position the right way. He is great in the pick and roll, makes good decisions, and is a pass-first guy. He is also very confident and not afraid to take big shots. He has all the tools to be effective in the Spurs' system. The only thing that could hold him back are physical limitations, but Tony Parker should be a good mentor to help him over come those challenges. 

#27. Los Angeles Lakers---Arizona sophomore forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (6-7, 210 lbs): He has the athleticism and physical profile to be really good in the NBA. He just doesn't have the offensive polish. If he can figure out how to become a better basketball player and not just rely on athleticism, he could be really good. The reason I see the Lakers taking him is he has a ton of potential and the Lakers need more of that. 

#28. Boston Celtics---UCLA freshman power forward Kevon Looney (6-9, 222 lbs): Kevon Looney's main strength is his rebounding ability. He averaged 4.2 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes and has potential to become a solid rebounding big man. While he only averaged 11.6 points per game, he did make 41.5% of his three point shots, so offensively there might be some hope. 

#29. Brooklyn Nets---UNLV freshman shooting guard Rashad Vaughn (6-5, 200 lbs): Vaughn averaged 17.8 points per game last season and shot 38.3% from three-point range. His scoring is definitely his strength.  He has a solid NBA body frame with a 6'7" wingspan and he is really young at just 18 years of age. If can develop other parts of his game, he could wind up being really good. 

#30. Golden State Warriors---Syracuse freshman forward Chris McCullough (6-9, 200 lbs): 
If it wasn't for a torn ACL, Chris McCullough would have been a lottery pick due to his athleticism, mobility, and potential to be really good on both ends of the floor. The fact that he runs the floor really well and plays really good defense (2.1 blocks per game) leads me to believe he could be an interesting addition to the Warriors' small ball lineups.  He has a TON of upside. It's just a matter of how much the torn ACL will hurt him. 


#31. Minnesota Timberwolves---UCLA senior shooting guard Norman Powell (6-4, 215 lbs): compared Norman Powell to Tony Allen, which means he could be a great pick this late in the draft. He plays really good defense, attacks the basket well, is really athletic, and finishes well around the rim. He lacks a quality shot and is small for his position, but pairing him with Andrew Wiggins could give the Timberwolves a really nice perimeter defensive unit. 

#32. Houston Rockets---North Carolina junior shooting guard J.P. Tokoto (6-6, 195 lbs): J.P. Tokoto is really athletic. He can jump out of the gym and is certainly an NBA-level athlete.  He definitely has potential to be really good on defense. He just can't hit a shot to save his life and he lacks offensive polish. If he can learn to play basketball and not just rely on his athleticism, he could be a steal in this draft. 
#33. Boston Celtics---LSU sophomore power forward Jordan Mickey (6-8, 240 lbs): Mickey has an NBA-level body and scored decently well last season (15.4 points per game). His NBA efficiency rating of +20.1935484 is also impressive as are his 3.6 blocks per game. Defensively, he has a ton of potential. 

#34. Los Angeles Lakers---Westchester Community College forward Luis Montero (6-7 180 lbs): Luis Montero is truly the mystery player of this draft. People who say it is Kristaps Porzingis are just too lazy to do their homework. There is a lot of info on Porzingis if you go to and watch the DraftExpress videos. But as for Montero, the same cannot be said. He played at Westchester Community College, which is completely off the radar, but he mysteriously is rising up the draft boards. From what I saw on YouTube, he appears to be an NBA-level athlete with a lot of "potential." I see the Lakers rolling the dice on him in hopes that he becomes something special. 

#35. Philadelphia 76ers---Bowling Green senior power forward Richaun Holmes (6-9, 245 lbs): Richaun Homes is a big guy who is good around the basket (56.3 FG% and 8.0 rebounds per game). He also knocked down 41.9% of his shots from beyond the arc. He is an intriguing guy who the 76ers should be interested in bringing in to training camp. 

#36. Minnesota Timberwolves---Nebraska junior small forward Terran Petteway (6-6, 210 lbs): Terran Petteway can score the ball really well (18.2 points per game last season). His three point percentage 31.3% is lower than one would like, but assuming he takes better shots and plays within a system, those numbers should go up. He could be a nice fit in Minnesota as an off the bench scorer of sorts. 

#37. Philadelphia 76ers---Anadolu Efes small forward Cedi Osman (6-8, 215 lbs):  Cedi Osman has a lot of potential due to his size and length. He likely stays with Anadolu Efes for a couple more years, which means he is a draft and stash guy. A couple more years of playing overseas would do him some good. His free throws (66.7%) and three-point shooting (30.3%) need work. 

#38. Detroit Pistons---Kentucky sophomore center Dakari Johnson (7-0, 260 lbs): Dakari Johnson has great size for an NBA big man and is a very hard working player. Offensively he is rather limited, but he can still become a solid backup center in the NBA due to his impressive size. He could certainly be a good fit as a backup center behind Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. 

#39. Charlotte Hornets---Kansas freshman power forward Cliff Alexander (6-8, 240 lbs): He has all the physical tools to succeed in the NBA. He has a 7'2" wingspan, etc. The question is can he develop a good enough offensive game to become a serious threat. He is another one of those really athletic dudes with a ton of "potential". I wouldn't be surprised if somebody reached for him late in the first round. 

#40. Miami Heat---Boston College junior point guard Olivier Hanlan (6-4, 185 lbs): Hanlan can really score the ball (19.5 points per game) and he facilitates nicely, dishing out 4.2 assists per game last season. With Norris Cole gone, there might be a place for him in Miami. 

#41. Brooklyn Nets---LSU sophomore power forward Jarell Martin (6-9, 240 lbs): Jarell Martin averaged 16.9 points and 9.2 rebounds per game last season. He even developed a bit of a three-point game, though it wasn't very reliable (26.9%). He would be a bit of a project, but there is potential. His NBA efficiency rating of +19.1818182 is impressive.  

#42. Utah Jazz---Oregon senior point guard Joseph Young (6-2, 185 lbs): Joseph Young won Pac-12 player of the year honors for his ability to score the ball (20.7 points per game) and step up in crunch time. Given that Dante Exum isn't the most reliable scorer and needs improvement on his shot, Joseph Young could be a nice fit as a point guard who can come off the bench and light up the scoreboard. 

#43. Indiana Pacers---Syracuse senior power forward Rakeem Christmas (6-9, 245 lbs): Rakeem Christmas had a huge senior year, scoring 17.5 points, grabbing 9.1 rebounds, and blocking 2.5 shots per game. He has a 7'3" wingspan and certainly could be a steal this late in the draft because of his physical package. The reason he is not a first round player is because he is a senior. If he was putting up these numbers as a freshman he'd be a lottery pick for sure. 

#44. Phoenix Suns---KK Partizan center Nikola Milutinov (7-0, 225 lbs): Milutinov is a hard working young man who has great physical tools to work with. He just lacks offensive polish. The fact that he won't come over for a couple of years makes him an intriguing draft and stash option for the Suns. If he starts to develop a better offensive game, he could be a nice asset for them. 

#45. Boston Celtics---Notre Dame shooting guard Pat Connaughton (6-5, 215 lbs): Pat Connaughton is an interesting prospect. He has a 44" max vertical leap, which means he is an NBA-level athlete. He has some interesting tools to work with given his athleticism and three-point shooting ability (42.3%). 

#46. Milwaukee Bucks---France center Mouhammadou Jaiteh (6-11, 250 lbs): Mouhammadou Jaiteh is a big guy with great physical tools to work with. He has good rebounding instincts and is definitely a guy worth gambling on at this point of the draft. The only concern is that he hasn't developed as much over the last two years as one would hope. Two years ago, there was discussion of him being a lottery pick. 

#47. Philadelphia 76ers---Stanford senior small forward Anthony Brown (6-7, 210 lbs): Anthony Brown is a very talented wing player who can shoot the ball from beyond the arc and attack the basket in transition. He definitely has NBA-level athleticism and was a good team player at Stanford. The 76ers could use a high character guy like Brown as they try to change the course of their franchise. 

#48. Oklahoma City Thunder---Texas senior power forward Jonathan Holmes (6-9, 245 lbs): Jonathan Holmes has a nice physical profile and is versatile on both ends of the floor. He just isn't all that explosive and he lacks upside due to his age. 

#49. Washington Wizards---Kentucky sophomore guard Andrew Harrison (6-6, 215 lbs): Andrew Harrison didn't pan out like we all thought he would at Kentucky. Still, the Wizards may feel there is enough talent there to take a small gamble on late in the second round. 

#50. Atlanta Hawks---Arizona sophomore power forward Brandon Ashley (6-8, 230 lbs):  Brandon Ashley is an NBA-level athlete with a nice 7'3" wingspan. He can knock down the three at a 33.3% clip and could prove to be a steal because of his physical tools and offensive potential. 

#51. Orlando Magic---Zalgiris Kaunas power forward Arturas Gudaitis (6-10, 255 lbs): Arturas Gudaitis is a big guy with a good NBA body. He is a good offensive rebounder and has proven capable to score the ball in the Euroleague (8.56 points per game). His problem is he really has no jump shot. Just 17 of his 394 shots were jumpers. 

#52. Dallas Mavericks---Washington sophomore center Robert Upshaw (7-0, 260 lbs): Ever since he got kicked off of Washington's team, there have been questions about his character. But there is no denying that his physical tools make him worth the risk this late in the draft. 

#53. Cleveland Cavaliers---Wyoming senior power forward Larry Nance, Jr. (6-9, 230 lbs): Larry Nance, Jr. was born in Akron, OH. That alone should make the Cavaliers draft him. Plus, he is an athletic player who can do a little bit of everything: 16.1 points per game, 7.2 rebounds, 1.2 blocks, 1.2 steals, and 33.3% from three-point range were his numbers from last season. 

#54. Utah Jazz---Michigan State senior power forward Branden Dawson (6-7, 230 lbs):  Branden Dawson blocked 1.7 shots per game last season and has a high motor. The question is can he overcome his physical limitations. He isn't that big for a power forward and he lacks the skills to be a small forward. His 3-point percentage is N/A. 

#55. San Antonio Spurs---UTEP sophomore small forward Vince Hunter (6-7, 210 lbs): Vince Hunter has good springs and scored 14.9 points per game last season. He's still pretty young and might have some potential because of his body frame and three-point shooting (40% on 10 attempts). 

#56. New Orleans Pelicans---Stanford senior point guard Chasson Randle (6-2, 180 lbs): Chasson Randle can score the basketball really well (19.6 points per game) and is a high character player. The only concern with him is that he is undersized for a point guard and played more like a shooting guard at Stanford. He averaged just 3.0 assists per game last season. However, his shooting ability is enticing and he could be a good fit in New Orleans given that Jimmer Fredette hasn't exactly panned out. 

#57. Denver Nuggets---Michigan State senior point guard Travis Trice (6-1, 170 lbs): Travis Trice has the skills one would want for an NBA point guard (15.3 points and 5.1 assists per game). If he can overcome his size, he could be nice pickup for the Nuggets. They could use a backup point guard. 

#58. Philadelphia 76ers--- Iowa State senior shooting guard Bryce Dejean-Jones (6-6, 205 lbs): Bryce Dejean-Jones has a good NBA body and is an athletic finisher. Given that he is a senior he may not have much upside, but his athleticism should get him drafted. 

#59. Atlanta Hawks---Florida junior shooting guard Michael Frazier (6-5, 200 lbs): Michael Frazier's draft stock is rising and he appears likely to be drafted. His free throw shooting percentage is excellent (87.1%), indicating that he has the ability to shoot the ball. 

#60. Philadelphia 76ers---UConn senior point guard Ryan Boatright (5-11, 170 lbs): Ryan Boatright is very small for an NBA point guard, but he is lightning quick and can really score the ball (17.4 points per game). He dished out 3.8 assists per game last season and averaged 1.4 steals per game. He shows promise as a facilitator and also as a defender. 

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